Semantic web service composition through a matchmaking of domain, 1 introduction

1 Introduction

In the other domain standard a concept for an address named PostalAddress might be modeled as a complex type that contains just one single attribute all together instead of Street and Street Number. This thesis mainly takes the latter approach. The main idea is to propose a controlled and adequate matrix parsing. In consideration of the before discussed shortcomings the idea of bringing implicit ser- vice semantics to an explicit level has arisen.

Semantic web service composition through a matchmaking of domain

Such a composition is defined by the sequence-composability. By improving the citizen's awareness and knowledge through better information access and by easing the voting process through online voting, referendums could be hfield more frequently. Indeed the automation of the latter tasks re- vating example through an e-healthcare scenario. The third compo- we introduce the composition process as a matchmaking of nent i.

However there is still the issue of how to deal with non determinism in these frameworks. Thus the suggested solution is tasks. Objects can also be empty nodes or literals. The conjunction operator is used to express parallel plans. In case the previously goal is fulfilled by the initial condition i.

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Thus, expert systems using inference machines can be developed to support the mentioned goals. The global schema needs to express the overlapping concepts from di erent source schemas in a uniform manner. In the following we focus on a subset of this functional description i. Nevertheless, cs 137 dating eGovernance can be a crucial part in enhancing governance.

  1. However we present and stances of concepts in T.
  2. In particular, this targets the perspective from which the processes are modeled.
  3. The rest of the paper is organized as follows.
  4. An additional promising field is eProcurement.
  5. In sy is the set of intput parameters of sy.
  6. Functional level composition is usually com- workflows e.

Consequently, transparency increases, which in the long run should lead to a more accountable government. Actions are formally described with Preconditions and Effects. The composition process consists of a recursive and regression-based approach. The execution process is whereas this level is presented by the capability model in out of scope of this paper. The dimensions of interoperability are analyzed and related to the thesis goals.

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Furthermore, an eGovernment scenario spanning multiple domains is presented to demonstrate the aforementioned integration challenge. Focusing on the operational issues processes in eAdministration can be regarded as equivalents to business processes in the business domain. Hence, the role of process integration and interoper- ability becomes a central issue. Moreover solution plans have properties of completeness, correctness, dating an consistency and optimality.

Semantically weighted by the SimT function, the lat- ter link refers to a local optimization criteria in order to find solution plans. The weakness of this approach is the lack of data coherence when the original sources are updated but the single data store still contains the old data. Towards the challenge of Web oriented applications.

Those concepts have to be reached. In the meaning may exchanged without loss of generality. Additionally, the mediation mechanism has to provide a level of expressiveness that enables complicated mappings between information representations from di erent domain models. Concepts, Technologies, and Applications. Finally, a logical architecture for the concept is illustrated.

Therefore, con- cepts and technologies are required to express and handle the semantics of these entities. The focus is put on the various interactions in networked governance processes and how they contribute to achieve public interest objectives. All input and output of the world that must be true in order to execute a Web ser- parameters referred to concept in a terminology T figure vice. Their algorithm operates tically chained by causal links.

Furthermore, the impact of the presented approach on a large scale is analyzed. Remember me on this computer. Furthermore, the goals of this thesis are explained and the scope of this work is clari ed. One cross- field problem is the integration of processes whenever di erent public agen- cies are involved in an activity.

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Semantic web service composition through a matchmaking of domain

The Causal link matrix aims at storing all those valid causal links in an appropriate way. Consequently, reasoning has to be realized on a partial and incomplete knowledge base. The discovery component is out of scope of the paper. Finally the similarity function SimT semantically compares two parameters as concepts in T.

The thesis will not focus on organizational questions, e. Ideally, a mapping is the output of an automatic schema matching. Internationale Tagung Wirtschaftsinformatik. That is why new abilities are necessary to support dynamic and automated tasks such as discovery, selection and composition.

Semantic web service composition through a matchmaking of domain
  • Moreover no semantic feature is introduced in their models.
  • It involves agreement on how to represent and give context to information in order to exchange it.
  • It starts from the interoperability challenge in eGovernment and elaborates an approach to ease interoperability based on Semantic Web technologies.
  • Furthermore, predicates are de ned in vocabularies, which are referred to by namespaces.
Semantic web service composition through a matchmaking of domain
Semantic web service composition through a matchmaking of domain

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Process re-engineering often includes process integration that raises interoperability problems, which are ad- dressed in this thesis. Matching functions summary. On the one hand eGovernment can be regarded as a use-case or application for Semantic Web research.

Finally, the validation and veri cation of the realized prototype is described and the usage of the prototype is clari ed. Dpt Org sons, especially for the elderly. To de ne an appropriate global schema is a challenging task. The executive branch is in charge of the implementation of law, thus opening a wide range of operational processes.

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Present administrative systems are exceedingly paper intensive and require multiple levels of processing especially in transaction processes. This approach is also called data warehousing and is used for data analy- sis in the context of supporting business decision making tasks. On the other hand one can start from eGovernment and apply Semantic Web technologies for progress towards distributed and networked eGovernment. The model supports a semantic context in order to find a correct, complete, consistent and optimal plan as a solution. Volume of Lecture Notes in Computer Science.


Semantic web service composition through a matchmaking of domain

The eGovernment domain is a large, heterogeneous, dynamic and shared information space with various semantic di erences of interpretation. Subsequently, the motivation on how these issues can be addressed by applying Semantic Web concepts is outlined. Whereas this work focuses on semantic interoperability. Finally a process level composition needs to be associated to our functional level composition to guarantee a full correctness of the composition process. Finally, related work is pre- sented for both the composition aspect of this work and the resulting ontology mediation aspect.

Semantic web service composition through a matchmaking of domain

In database systems the thematic occurs in the context of data integration. In Electronic Commerce main. Each branch targets the aforementioned goals from its speci c perspective. The scenario is taken as a reference point in subsequent chapters. This thesis does not target automated planning as known in the context of arti cial intel- ligence research.

The second combines them in a suitable way in order to match a given challenge is to suggest a workflow or a simplified form of objective. Thus, knowledge modelling gets a solid mathematical foundation. The interoperability challenge is analysed and related to the goals of this thesis.

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